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The Future of Arrav

Posted by Ajw


so as you guys might have heard, a few days ago something really bad happened for the server. Someone had found a way to abuse our web-store and brought a lot of items in the game. This could be solved easily but unfortunately, it was done while I was on vacation and it took quite a lot of time before character files were reverted to an older date.?

With that attack to our server, our player count dropped drastically and there was a lot of unnecessary drama which led to where we are now.

I and Kersch have discussed the future of this server yesterday and we have reached a conclusion. Don't worry, the server won't go offline. We have 2 different paths we can choose from.

The 1st path is continuing Arrav as it is with regular updates etc.. This path will be hard,?because of getting new players. A lot of people already know about the drama that happened with staff and items and Arrav name might be harder to advertise.

2nd path is leaving Arrav online for now. It will have little to no advertisements and will act as "beta" for server re-release. We would re-release under the different name which would give us much better chances of succeeding. We would re-release the server in like a month and while in "beta" stage, we would mostly work on stuff like bugs, adding new content etc. Basically, everything that we need to be competitive with bigger servers. One thing to mention is your characters in re-release. You would keep all your stats and ranks, but not items. Donators would get donator points ( 1 point = 1$ donated ).

I think the second path is a much better option as we would be able to start fresh, with a much better server and much much better release. I have added a poll so you guys can choose which path you like more.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who kept supporting our server even after a?few bad days.

Kind regards,

Mr. Robot


Lag issue resolved!

Posted by Ajw


I'm really happy to announce that issue that was causing lag was found and fixed! This is a big step forward for us as we can focus on reported bugs and updating client (making a version of the client for those that weren't able to download cache) now.

Advertisements are still scheduled after we fix small tedious bugs that you guys reported.

Thank you very much for sticking around and playing with almost unbearable lag. That is now past and we only look forward! As promised we will make it up to you for lag issues, I have added code to the game which will give you 2 mboxes when claimed! use command ::ecode-lag Make sure you have 2 spaces free in your inventory!

We will also host an event during the weekend.

Kind regards,

Mr. Robot, Ajw and staff team